Leadership Team

Stephen Pascall


Stephen is a Director of MCE and has over 25 years experience gained from working on exciting transport infrastructure in Australia and internationally.

Through Stephen’s career he has had the opportunity to work for both client and constructor organisations in pivotal leadership roles across the infrastructure, transportation and utility sectors, which provides him the unique insight of understanding the levers and needs of both sides of industry. By implementing his business sector strategy, public and private contract management, procurement, strategic planning and execution experience, Stephen bridges the gap between client and constructor to align on the ultimate outcome – safe, efficient, high quality, on-time projects.  Stephen has had the privilege to lead high profile state significant transport infrastructure projects to completion including the Sydney Light Rail, South West Rail Line and Chatswood Transport Interchange, with significant supporting roles on the Sydney Metro, Hunter River Remedial Project and Epping to Chatswood Rail Line.


3 things that excite him about working are:

  • Working with great people to solve problems – by harnessing the collective knowledge human beings can achieve extraordinary outcomes – he loves the satisfaction felt across a team when a problem has been solved.
  • Challenging the norm – being innovative and bringing new ideas and different ways of working into client organisations – “If at first you don’t succeed, try something different!”.
  • Delivering landmark infrastructure projects that benefit the whole of society allowing everyone to expand their education, health and employment opportunities.


Outside of work, he enjoys spending time with his wife and two sons, camping in the amazing Australian bush, road cycling, rebuilding a WW2 jeep and catching up with friends.


Stephen’s favourite quote is

“Start with the end in mind.” – Stephen R Covey

Matthew Colton


Matthew is a Director of MCE and has 20 years’ experience in infrastructure delivery in Australia and internationally.

Matthew has significant international multidisciplinary engineering and project management experience.  He has a clear understanding of client processes, requirements and legislation; and is highly skilled in design and construction programming, quality and cost control to enable the efficient delivery of projects.

Matthew has a solid technical background; his passion is sharing a clear understanding of the relationships between various disciplines and interfaces to efficiently deliver major infrastructure projects.  His experience includes the design and construction of a wide variety of civil engineering schemes including major brownfield railways stations (including Birmingham New Street & London Bridge Stations), earthworks, bridges, viaducts, tunnelling and sea defence schemes in the UK and Australia.  He has been responsible and accountable for the multi‐discipline engineering design and delivery of major projects in the freight, passenger, underground, metro, light rail, road and airport infrastructure.

Matthew is a Registered Independent Gateway Reviewer in all Australian states, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.   Matthew is responsible  to support the effective development, planning, management and delivery of Government major projects and programs. He gives an independent perspective, challenges plans and processes, and identifies issues and risks.

He has strong interpersonal, negotiation, motivation and leadership skills which are clearly demonstrated through his project’s award winning performances.

Matthew is currently a member of Council for Institution of Civil Engineers, responsible for the governance of the institution and setting the strategy whilst representing the view of the 22,000 Asia Pacific’s membership.  He is a registered active professional reviewer and mentor for the Institution.  Outside of the office he enjoys exploring the joys of Australia with his family.

Jonathan Richardson


Jonathan is a Chartered Civil Engineer and Associate Director in MCE with 20 years of experience gained in both the UK and Australia.

On both continents, Jonathan has delivered strategic social, defence, commercial and transport infrastructure for private, federal and state government clients.  His focus is particularly in the design and stakeholder management space where he uses strong communication to bring together client requirements, budgets, schedules and appropriate risk allocation with great design, smart engineering and innovation to meet the expectations of clients and contractors alike.

Jonathan takes a communication and people-focused, whole-of project approach and applies logical thinking with support for fostering new ideas whilst also delivering tasks in-hand.  He believes that MCE brings these capabilities with real-project delivery and accountability experience to our clients.


3 things that excite him about working are:

  • Working with diverse people and teams with different backgrounds, requirements and skillsets where the design is a common language that all parties can engage with to understand each other’s viewpoints and develop mutually positive solutions.  Leading that design is exceptionally rewarding.
  • Applying rigorous logic, including beyond that of design or engineering disciplines, to loosely defined scenarios in order to pinpoint the problem and solve it smartly.
  • Working in an industry where the results are tangible and long lasting.  “It excites me that projects I’ve contributed to will benefit society for generations to come and will be highly visible to my kids.”


Outside of work, Jonathan enjoys mountain biking, hiking, camping and good food.  Some of these he enjoys doing with his wife and others he is increasingly able to do with his two young sons.


Jonathan’s favourite quote is:

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.” – Albert Einstein

Thomas Lee


During the course of Thomas’ career, he has developed a passion for the effective design and engineering delivery of Projects.

He has extensive experience in design and systems engineering management of complex projects across the world in varying sectors. Thomas believes MCE provides an independent and objective perceptive to clients on how to do this with its diverse team with varying skills and experience.


3 things that excite him about working are:

  • Whether he is on a “Mega Project” or completing a simple task, there is always a problem to be solved or an outcome that can be improved. This is engineering in its purest form.
  • Pulling together all the parts of large complex projects and ensuring the outcomes of the project are achieved is something he is passionate about.
  • Working with young and inspiring engineers to develop their skills and knowledge is critical to the industry.  As a professional Engineer Thomas takes this responsibility seriously. By doing this he believes it allows the next generation to understand the processes involved in managing complex projects and why they are important to the successful delivery of a project and its outcomes.


Outside of work, Thomas enjoys spending time with his wife and son and doing some exercise when he can.  He also enjoys watching sport and drinking beer!


Thomas’s favourite quote is:

  • “The measure of intelligence is the ability to change.” – Albert Einstein

Patrick Man


Patrick brings 20 years Transport industry experience working in various rail environments including brownfield, greenfield, regional and major international projects. Over the last 5 years he has been overseeing a program of works reporting to senior management and executives.

Patrick is known for leading teams in multi-disciplined rail system works for leading Tier 1 private organisations with a long-term strategy and focus on customer outcomes.  He brings experience from project delivery and business management to challenge teams to develop best solutions to clients. This includes applying engineering, constructability and developing alternative solutions that save time, money and ensure delivery certainty.

Patrick is a strong supporter of the rail industry and advocate for diversity, involved in the ARA as a mentor for females and the Secretary of PWI promoting the sharing of technical knowledge to improve the industry.

3 things that excite him about working are:

  • He likes seeing results, seeing infrastructure being built as it is tangible – something you can see and touch).
  • He likes working with people, particularly seeing young engineers coming into the industry and growing their knowledge and expertise
  • He likes the diversity in the industry – it touches a lot of moving parts. Not just pure engineering, he gets to work with lots of different people with different backgrounds and skillsets.


Outside of work, Patrick likes to travel with his family.


Patrick’s favourite quote is:

“The difference between who you are and who you want to be is what you do.” – Unknown

Johan Venter

Associate Director

Johan has over 30 years’ experience, gained in multi-disciplinary railway projects, mostly in South Africa and internationally.

Johan initially qualified as a civil engineer and did post-graduate studies in construction project management and transportation economics. He registered as a certified professional engineer and project management professional. After commencing his career with a national railway company, he has assisted clients in all project phases, from project inception and identification, feasibility studies, through procurement, construction contract management and supervision, to testing and commissioning and operations and maintenance.  Most of his experience has been in rail transportation and engineering.

Johan has extensive experience in a wide range of specialisation fields, including Rail Transportation, Railway Systems, Railway Engineering, Transportation Planning, Business Case Development, Economic Evaluation, Feasibility Studies and Cost-Benefit Analyses, Transportation System Analysis, Strategy and Policy Formulation, Physical Distribution, and Project Management. His experience ranges from Policy Formulation, Strategy Development and Systems Planning, to Project Planning, Design, Transaction Advice and Project Management.

3 things that excite him about working are:

  • Engineering projects aim to improve the quality of life of all.  They give one a sense of achievement.
  • He firmly believes work satisfaction counts more than financial reward.  Success breeds success and
  • “The Engineer is the interpreter between the philosopher and the tradesman”


Outside of work, Johan loves travelling, music, playing the piano, scuba diving and reading.


Johan’s favourite quote is

“No problem can withstand the assault of sustained thinking.” – Voltaire

Rocky Wolters

Associate Director

Rocky approaches his work with a curious mind, oscillating between strategy and the detail to provide technical leadership enabling strategy realisation through engaging teams and breaking complex projects into practical deliverables.

Rocky’s PPP experience across road, rail, and social infrastructure and hands on delivery throughout all phases of the project lifecycle supports the provision of professional services that deliver cost efficient solutions for clients.


3 things that excite him about working are:

  • Coordinating multiple disciplines to deliver large complex projects, it always takes a team to achieve results with passionate people working in the same direction
  • Communicating early and often progressively working through iterative divergent and convergent processes to arrive at the best solution
  • Working on some of the world’s biggest and most innovative infrastructure projects for the betterment of society and for future generations.


Outside of work, Rocky is big on community, exploring our beautiful country and being a larrikin to draw out broader perspectives. He enjoys instilling a sense of contribution in his children through their sporting and community commitments, celebrating their achievements and helping them through their challenges.


Rocky’s favourite quote is:

“I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious” – Albert Einstein

Nicky Fell

Business Manager

First Class double degree qualified in Computer Science and Business Administration, Nicky possesses extensive experience across the UK and Australia in Business Management, IT Consulting, Sales and Marketing.

Highly versatile, creative and commercial, Nicky has established and managed two businesses in Australia in the entertainment and health & beauty industries since emigrating here in the 90s from her homeland England.  Nicky has excellent communication and promotional skills as well as a passion for helping and inspiring others to achieve their goals. She looks forward to leveraging her key strengths of adaptability, positivity and responsibility in her role as Business Manager at MCE.


Outside of work, Nicky is a “people-person” who loves dancing, travelling, going to the movies, having long lunches/dinners with friends, the “odd” glass of Prosecco and walking in nature with her family.


Nicky’s favourite quote is

“Don’t get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life.”- Dolly Parton