Heavy Rail

Our range of services allows clients to deliver quality whilst balancing the need to reduce costs, increase efficiencies, save energy and cut waste. With a vast experience of working with major public and private sector organisations, we can work with you to deliver significant results by putting you in control.

Light Rail

We have experts in railway systems, rolling stock, rail operations, asset management and infrastructure upgrade and renewal; many of whom have previously worked for infrastructure controllers, operators, manufacturers or contractors. We understand the vital need for robust systems integration and assurance and can address these. We understand the criticality of system safety in railway projects and have detailed arrangements in place to ensure that we comprehensively address all client and industry requirements at all stages in a project’s development.

We also offer our customers full detailed design to support design and build schemes and project and programme management services covering all the elements of railway systems and infrastructure as a whole – all geared towards helping customers provide their users with a comfortable, reliable, safe and efficient service operation.

Strategic Advice and Governance

MCE team offer help with many aspects of development or operation. Working with policymakers, contractors, clients, investors, lenders, and all parts of the supply chain; we focus on all areas of the sector to provide the support needed to drive your business forward. By combining valuable insight with hands-on local experience, we can help address the challenges you are facing at any stage of an asset’s life-cycle; from strategy and planning to construction, operations, and hand-back.

As part of our advice and governance services, our team stands out from the market by including within our capabilities:

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MCE provides aviation industry clients with value-added senior-level strategic advice, analysis, and guidance aimed at solving aviation-related management and operational problems. specializing in guiding, advising, developing projects, approval, construction and maintenance of airports and integrated infrastructure hubs.

Offering consulting services: aircraft survey and appreciation, coordination of maintenance and engineering activities, aircraft inspection follow up, aircraft commonality and technical studies, maintenance cost analysis, stock optimisation analysis, invitations to tender, lease contracts advice, aircraft registration procedures, change of ownership, lease delivery and return.


MCE has developed infrastructure to improve the learning environments of our next generation, recognising our responsibility to create spaces where people of all ages can learn, innovate and build our future.

We have experience transforming NSW’s schools, colleges and higher education institutes so that they, and their students, can reach their fullest potential.

By using the full breadth of our people’s expertise, we can provide a range of solutions to the education sector from Construction Management through to multidisciplinary design to project and change management and IT consultancy focussing on Human-Centred infrastructure.


MCE supports the water, wastewater and water-related environmental sectors with services from water strategy planning and flood management to infrastructure design and maintenance.  As water issues intensify, so does awareness of the effects of water management decisions. Decisions at one point in the water cycle affect all the others—from water supplies to treatment,  wastewater treatment, reuse and return to the natural environment. Whether it’s treating, distributing or storing water, MCE reaches across boundaries and collaborates to successfully deliver customized, innovative solutions.


Healthcare facilities should be carefully considered healing environments, not simply machines for treatment delivery – at MCE we are passionate about delivering excellence.  We provide professional management, commercial and engineering services associated with advancing medical technology, high cost of construction, variety and number of stakeholders, it is our broader multi industry experience which allows us to bring valuable market knowledge to all elements of the sector. Our healthcare teams have delivered design expertise to both public and private health providers ability to integrate culture and environment with knowledge of local legislation and technical standards.


Transport is a vital element of enabling a functioning economy. As Australian demand to travel for business, leisure and to find work increases, transport infrastructure needs to cope with both the demands of today and the needs of future generations.

MCE are helping government shape the future of transportation – MCE have experience designing structures that connect cities and towns, managing highways assets and ensuring that sustainable solutions successfully build sustainable infrastructure for the future.

MCE works in partnership with clients, taking ownership of their challenges to deliver real outcomes and long term benefits. We continually strive for excellence, both in the projects we work on and the way we develop both our business and our people. By investing in our staff we ensure that on a day-to-day basis technical challenges are met, delivering the best results for clients.


Our experts deliver high quality, innovative services to clients with solutions that span the entire spectrum of the building and justice sector.   We provide professional management, commercial and engineering services associated with the building and infrastructure markets delivering projects of all kinds and sizes, from initial study to completion for both public and private sector clients in a range of sectors.  In these challenging times, we also enable our clients to deliver strategies that contribute to the overall performance of their organisations by getting the best from their building portfolios.