Specialist Team

Annabella Dao

Design Manager

Annabella is a Civil Engineer with over six years of experience in delivering major transport infrastructure in Australia.

She enjoys contributing to Australia’s future landscape and gets a thrill out of leading multi-disciplinary teams towards a socially beneficial outcome. Annabella’s most recent projects include Sydney Metro City and Southwest, Western Harbour Tunnel Beaches Link, Parramatta Light Rail Infrastructure and M12 East and West.

Annabella is passionate about diversity within the engineering workforce, holding the belief that representation of perceptions from all demographics of society is the key to future-proofing our cities. She advocated for this vision at the 2019 World Engineers Convention and is the past NSW Operations Manager for Power of Engineering, a non-profit organisation that aims to encourage young female, regional and Indigenous students to pursue a career in engineering. Annabella is also actively involved in professional bodies, and sits on the NSW Committee for Engineers Australia’s Transport Australia society.

3 things that excite her about working are:

  • Helping to shape the environment in which future generations are able to live, work and play in
  • Being a part of a diverse team tasked with solving complex problems
  • Creating friendships with people from all walks of life and experiences

Outside of work, Annabella is a keen videographer and tennis player.

Annabella’s favourite quote is:

“Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right.” – Henry Ford

Stanley Weng


Stanley is an Engineering / Design Manager with over 10 years’ experience managing large-scale and complex Rail and Transport Infrastructure projects involving multi-disciplinary design coordination and project / client relationship management, delivering for clients such as TfNSW, Sydney Metro, Sydney Trains and Private Contractors.

He is specialised in all aspects of asset life cycles including feasibility study, concept/detailed design and construction support. The unique spectrum of experience allows Stanley to be able to provide value and drive the optimum project outcomes for the clients.

3 things that excite him about working are:

  • Making a positive impact to the day-to-day life of the community
  • The feeling of accomplishment when you get to see your own design being constructed in real life / on site
  • No two problems are the same and no two solutions are identical.

Outside of work, Stanley has been a keen basketballer since childhood and at one stage played 4 competitions a week!

Stanley’s favourite quote is:

“I don’t live to work; I work to live” – Noel Gallagher

Jennifer Finn

Senior Associate

Jennifer is a Document Controller with a strong background in Document Management Systems and has over ten years experience working on major projects across Ireland, England and Australia. She possesses impressive industry experience in rail, infrastructure and resources.

Some of her most recent projects are Sydney Metro West and Sydney’s Central Station upgrade. Before moving to Sydney she spent 5 years living and working in WA were she has been able to gain experience working FIFO on the Wheatstone and Roy Hill projects.


3 things that excite her about working are:

  • Having the opportunity to work on some of the largest and most innovative projects in Australia.
  • Knowing the role she is playing in the business makes a difference. Document control is a key part of each project – without it the business doesn’t function as well.
  • The amazing people she has worked with over the years – “It’s so good to have a good team around you and be able to have some fun while doing your job”.


Outside of work, Jennifer enjoys travelling, working out and spending time with her family.


Jennifer’s favourite quote is:

“The Best Things in Life aren’t Things” – John Ruskin/Art Buchwald

David Luong

Senior Associate

David has over 14 years demonstrated experience in the design and construction, maintenance, and overall project management of rail infrastructure including rail corridor, stations and maintenance depots and specialises in the delivery of complex brownfield projects.

Over time he has acquired and developed a solid understanding of WHS and Rail Safety regulations that govern the rail industry and systems engineering processes to manage the lifecycle of rail projects.
David is adaptable, innovative and possesses proficient skills and knowledge to deliver outcomes that are best for the project, client and stakeholders.


3 things that excite him about working are:

  • Having the opportunity to work on innovative projects that provide positive impacts to society and leaves a lasting legacy.
  • Identifying and understanding the multidisciplinary scope and interfaces of a project.
  • Working with a team of professionals in applying innovative solutions to solve complex problems.


Outside of work,  David likes to spend time with the family, including the dog, at any of Australia’s beautiful beaches and watch his kids play sports. Also, he is a social rock climber and tennis player in his spare time.


David’s favourite quote is:

“Simplicity is the key to Brilliance” – Bruce Lee

Matthew Tse


Matthew has successfully delivered major infrastructure projects in Australia and Hong Kong. These brownfield projects required him to deal with everyday challenges such as working in operational rail corridors, airports and road traffic and underground utilities.

Matthew is an accomplished civil engineer with over 13 years hands-on experience in planning & programming, tendering, design and construction management.  The responsibilities of his current position in Sydney Metro are to coordinate multiple design discrepancies and resolve constructibility issues to ensure sufficient information and design supports are provided to the Contractor to deliver the works on-time and on-budget, while safeguarding the best interests of the client.


3 things that excite him about working are:

  • The satisfaction of delivering infrastructure projects that bring real benefits to society
  • Self-enrichment and growth knowledge through working with other talented professionals across different disciplines
  • Working in an industry where he can apply his professional skills and knowledge.


Outside of work,  Matthew enjoys outdoor activities where “I feel integrated into the natural environment, for example, bush walking, mountain biking and snorkelling.”


Matthew’s favourite quote is:

“If something’s important enough, you should try. Even if – the probable outcome is failure.”  By Elon Musk

Navindu Nanda

Senior Associate

Navindu has over 30 years of experience gained from working on exciting Transport, Utility, Roads, Bridges and Oil Terminals infrastructure in Australia and internationally.

Navindu has a proven track record as a leader in the delivery of infrastructure and establishing high-performance capabilities that deliver programs to scope, schedule and under budget, offering expertise across Strategic Portfolio Office, project and program governance, stakeholder management, environmental sustainability, technology management/cyber-security and facility management.

A winner of the IE Australia National Engineering Excellence Award in Construction and Maintenance of the Rail Infrastructure (covering Track, Civil, Signalling and Train Control streams) in the Year, 1999, he has built a name in the rail industry as an innovative thought leader, contributor to Asset Management Systems and practitioner of Business Program Management.


3 things that excite him about working are:

  • Working with competent and capable people to solve problems. Navindu believes that by harnessing the collective knowledge human beings can achieve extraordinary outcomes.
  • Challenging the norm – being innovative and bringing new ideas and different ways of working into client’s organization to get better outcomes.
  • Delivering multi-disciplinary and complex infrastructure projects that benefit the whole of society allowing everyone to expand their knowledge, experience and enjoy the benefits that these projects provide.


Outside of work, Navindu enjoys spending time with his family and playing table tennis. He is doing a voluntary role of Advisor and Coach for the Table Tennis Association for Sydney’s Northern Districts and promoting table tennis as a sport among Seniors and Australian Youth.


Navindu’s favourite quote is:

“Turn every stumbling block in your life into a steppingstone for the future” 

Cameron Ritchie

Associate | BEng (Hons), CEng

Cameron is an accomplished engineering design manager with over 10 years experience in the design and delivery of major infrastructure projects both in Australia and the United Kingdom.  Cameron has demonstrated a proficiency in the leadership of multidisciplinary engineering teams focused on safety in design and the delivery of quality in engineering works throughout all aspects of a projects’ lifecycle.

Having worked as an interface and civil design manager for hallmark infrastructure projects such as Sydney Light Rail, CrossRail, Parramatta Light Rail and Sydney Metro Central Station, Cameron has  developed a specialisation in system integration and engineering delivery of Rail Turnkey infrastructure.


3 things that excite him about working are:

  • Working within a team of talented, driven and passionate like-minded professionals offering the opportunity to develop his existing professional skillset and engineering competencies.
  • The feeling of accomplishment gained from the successful delivery of infrastructure projects impacting the built environment.
  • Working within a fast paced and technically challenging industry that ultimately supports Australia’s infrastructure growth.


Outside of work:

  • Cameron has a keen interest in boxing and physical fitness and enjoys spending time outdoors and with his family.


Cameron’s favourite quote:

Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts”.  Winston Churchill

Niousha Khoshnevis

Document Controller

Niousha has more than 5 years’ experience in Document Control in mega projects in
Private and Public sectors. She is very dedicated, dependable and self-motivated. As a
fast learner and team player, Niousha is a multi-tasker with excellent time management.
Having high communication skills enables Niousha to operate effectively at all levels
across all disciplines.

Being detail-oriented and organized helps Niousha to deliver her responsibilities with a high level of accuracy and loyalty.


3 things that excite her about working are:

  • Meeting new people, gaining more experience and actively contributing to the company’s growth
  • Working in a challenging environment and
  • Working closely with high performing management teams and assisting team members


Outside of work:

  • Niousha loves making and designing cakes and sweets, travelling and partying.


Niousha’s favourite quote is:

“You’ll find that life is still worthwhile, if you just smile.”  Charlie Chaplin

Philip Barkman


Philip is an experienced and highly motivated engineer, well versed in a range of project management, civil engineering, and construction techniques across different sectors.

A civil engineer with diverse experience working on some major Sydney infrastructure and building projects, his strengths include management of projects, client and stakeholder relationships procurement and contracts along with estimating experience and construction experience in fields as diverse as combined service routes and architectural fit out and finishes.


3 things that excite him about working are:

  • Getting to be part of building the future landscape of our cities
  • Diving into the detail of a problem and finding the best solution
  • Working alongside different project teams and functions, all working towards a common goal


Outside of work:

  • Phil enjoys running, cooking and being up to date with as many different sports as possible.


Philip’s favourite quote is:

“Do what is right, not what is easy” – Unknown