White Ribbon Day – Friday 19th November 2021

White Ribbon Day reminds us violence against women is an ongoing epidemic  – in developed countries such as Australia through to third world countries.  Unfortunately, the Covid pandemic has made the situation worse and reduced the ability of victims to seek help.  Despite all the barriers and roadblocks, we all have a part to play to move towards a violence free society.

To help protect women against violence, there are some key pillars that we all should focus on:

  • Education and proper use of media
  • Active Listening
  • Getting involved on time
  • Taking appropriate action
  • Protecting the victims.

Building a healthy workplace culture should be a key goal of every organization because it returns huge value. Embracing respect, good communication and diversity and inclusion are a great start.  Managing unconscious bias and effectively resolving conflict brings it to a whole other level.  These should be accompanied by a well-developed code of conduct and rigorous monitoring of their implementation to ensure potential victims speak up and feel protected.

MCE, as a part of the community, plays its part by showing support of White Ribbon Day amongst the Team and encouraging open discussions on how we can raise awareness and minimize opportunities for domestic violence. We act and hope for a peaceful community without acts of violence.

Date: Nov 17, 2021
AUTHOR: Nicky Fell
MCE News