? R U OK? Day 2023 – Tomorrow, Thursday 14th September ?

As we gear up for R U OK? Day on Thursday 14th September, we want to highlight the importance of this national day of action. It’s a day when we collectively remind ourselves that every day is the perfect opportunity to ask, “Are you OK?” and to initiate a meaningful conversation with those around us.

Life can be challenging, and sometimes, the people we care about may be silently struggling with their own battles. By asking a simple yet profound question, we can make a world of difference in someone’s life. This Thursday, we pledge to be more than just acquaintances, colleagues, or friends; let’s be the support system that someone might desperately need.

Here at the MCE Team, we are thrilled to be participating in a health and wellbeing event on this special day. We’ll be stepping into the world of culinary delights at the Sydney Cooking School, not just to satisfy our taste buds, but to nourish our bodies and souls. Cooking and sharing delicious, nutritious meals is a fantastic way to bond, de-stress, and take care of our own wellbeing.

So, why not use this opportunity to reach out to your colleagues, friends, and family? Remember, you don’t need to be an expert in mental health to ask, “Are you OK?” Your empathy, care, and willingness to listen can be all it takes to make someone’s day brighter. Let’s strive to create a workplace and a world where everyone feels comfortable sharing their thoughts and feelings.

On R U OK? Day, let’s come together as a community and take a step towards a more connected, compassionate, and supportive society. ?

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Date: Sep 13, 2023
AUTHOR: Nicky Fell
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