Happy Father’s Day from the Team at MCE

For many of us, fathers are the first role model from our childhood that we relied on and learnt so much from. When it came to a DIY project around the house or setting up a swing in the backyard to make us happier, we learnt from our Dads some of the core values that live our lives by. #Teamwork, #resilience, being organised and on-time are just some of the lessons that fathers teach us.

Many of us have witnessed the genuine support that our Dads provided for the family and started to apply that in our own personal lives. Bearing in mind what our paternal role model has taught us helps us all transfer those life skills into our own day to day lives.  For example, becoming a more reliable person at work, replicating that behaviour with others in our professional life and being a supportive team member.

Let’s Celebrate this Father’s Day with our fathers and grandpas and show them how much they mean to us. Wishing all the Dads out there a very happy Father’s Day this Sunday!


Date: Sep 1, 2021
AUTHOR: Matthew Colton