International Best Practise Case Study – Project 13

To ensure our team maintain their top of class reputation and are up to date with international industry leading technology and processes, we took a closer look at Project 13.  As part of our business’ training program our Leadership Team recently reviewed the Project 13 initiative, to understand how it can be applied locally for local industry and society to reap the benefits.

Project 13 is an industry led initiative launched by the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) and the Infrastructure Client Group (ICG) to outline and establish a better business model for a high-performing infrastructure delivery, improving productivity and mitigating the skills risk.

Project 13 is NOT a form of contract. It is an approach built on a set of pillars and principles defined to establish an enterprise structure focussed on the outcomes for the end user:

  • An Organisation where all parts are aligned and working collaboratively
  • A Governance where the value is defined at outcome level and the risk is part of the relationship structure, not being not transferred but managed
  • An Integrator that brings together the capabilities into a common working platform to deliver solutions
  • A Capable owner interested in the long-term performance and functioning within the delivery team
  • A Digital transformation that uses processes, technology and new business models to connect the management and delivery of the enterprise works for a more efficient outcome.

This new approach on the delivery of infrastructure aims to:

  • Improve the productivity of the construction industry;
  • Deliver sustainable solutions and
  • Implement a digital transformation to the industry.

Project 13 integrates functions and relationships between Owners, Integrators, Suppliers and Advisors conforming an enterprise as opposed to the conventional client – supplier simple collaboration arrangement. The more aligned and organised the enterprise becomes better outcomes and benefits for customers from infrastructure investment are delivered.

The industry has started to implement this more efficient way of delivering infrastructure, with projects including:

  • Anglian Water’s Capital Delivery Alliances
  • Environment Agency’s Next Generation Supplier Arrangements
  • Heathrow’s Expansion
  • National Grid’s London Power Tunnels Project
  • Network Rail Track Alliances
  • Sellafield Ltd Programme & Project Partners (PPP) model

Sydney Water has been the first early adopter outside UK and in Australia, who will be the next?

Further information is available here:


The following video has a useful overview:


Date: Jan 10, 2020
AUTHOR: admin