International Women’s Day 2020 – An equal world is an enabled world

This Sunday 8 March 2020 marks International Women’s Day.  Here at MCE, we value the importance of a gender equal workforce and the underlying positive impact it makes to a team’s performance.  Equality is not only a women’s issue; we are all responsible.  By embracing equal opportunity and gender balance in the workplace, it promotes a diverse and inclusive culture enabling more effective collaboration to deliver better outcomes.

This year, to celebrate International Women’s Day 2020, we sat down with our MCE colleagues to find out what #EachforEqual, this year’s campaign theme, means to them.

What #EachforEqual means to Javier
Bringing gender equality to the workplace will allow for greater balance, enhancing diverse thinking to deliver better solutions.


What #EachforEqual means to Jonathan

This year’s theme will be achieved by empowering everybody in the workplace to foster opportunities for everyone else; creating diverse, balanced and high performing teams where all contributions are valued equally.


What #EachforEqual means to Vida

Performance, ethical behaviour, commitment, being supportive and communication skills shows the equality in the workplace, not gender and appearance.  You can measure the progress of a community by the degree of progress which women have achieved.


What #EachforEqual means to Orla

Everyone should play their part to promote women, equality, diversity and inclusivity in the workplace, enabling more effective collaboration to deliver better project outcomes.  Success doesn’t come from one individual, but from a successful integrated team who have all experienced different ways of working.


MCE is committed to celebrating women’s achievements whilst continuing to challenge bias in the workplace.  We have a strong focus on encouraging women to join us and frequently attend networking events and conferences that promote women in the industry.

If you are a woman and are struggling to break into the industry, feel free to reach out via info@mce-aus.com

Date: Mar 5, 2020
AUTHOR: admin