MCE judge at UNSW Engineering Research Showcase

MCE were invited to sit on the judging panel to assess the entrants to UNSW’s Engineering Taste of Research Program Showcase.  The overall program consisted of over 80 research projects, the top 12 projects were selected by UNSW lecturers and students to present their research at the Showcase event to their peers, Lecturers and Industry experts.

The top 12 presentations covered a variety of complex and diverse topics, from the optimisation of existing technologies (e.g. reducing the cost and energy in the potable water treatment plants) to developing new technologies (e.g. utilising the tidal energy to preserve the coastline).

It was inspiring to see our next generation of engineers passionately describe their research and key findings, demonstrating their knowledge and understanding explaining some complex theories, their application and solutions – all with the common theme of improving society for future generations.

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Date: Feb 16, 2019
AUTHOR: admin