NEC4 suite of contracts and the new Y clause tailored for Australia released this week.

NEC Contracts® has published Australian version of the NEC4 suite of contracts and the new Y clause tailored for Australian use.  MCE sat on the Australian Steering Group and are proud to promote the use of the NEC4 suite as a more collaborative form of contract to rather than potentially adversarial bespoke contracts or heavily amended versions of standard forms.

The new Y(AUS) clause will make NEC4 contracts comply with the various security-of-payment laws enacted in each of the country’s states and territories. The clause will have separate provisions depending on where the work, service or supply is carried out, so that in any one contract only some parts of the clause will apply.   You can download the Y clauses for free by following the following link.


Free information and the Australian webinar is available on the NEC4 website:

NEC4: Webinars (neccontract.com)

Date: Mar 25, 2021
AUTHOR: Matthew Colton