Threats and opportunities relating to infrastructure; a UK perspective from Richard Threlfall

This morning Fellows from the ICE NSW met for an impromptu and informal conversation with Richard Threlfall, Partner Global Head, Public Transport from KPMG at MCE’s office in Barangaroo.   Richard has over 20 years’ experience in the financing and structuring of infrastructure projects. His particular focus is advising on transactions for public and private clients in the transport and utility sectors.

Richard shared his insights on the UK economy post Brexit and the work he is undertaking with the Institution of Civil Engineers, especially Project 13 as Chair of the Governance workstream.

Established by the Infrastructure Client Group, (infrastructure owners and suppliers committed to improve delivery of UK infrastructure), Project 13 is the combination of 5 workstreams which seek to deliver a step change in the way projects are managed, so that the focus is on long-term value, not simply lowest cost.

A very informal conversation flowed between the group,  where all parties were able to draw comparisons between their own experience and discussed potential solutions.   Upon reflection the situation was reminiscent of the discussions held by the founding engineers of the institution of Civil Engineers, nearly 200 years ago in the coffee shops of London.

Our thanks go to Richard for providing his time and thoughtful insights, only a few hours after arriving in Australia!

More information on Project 13 is available at https://www.ice.org.uk/news-and-insight/project-13.

Date: Sep 27, 2017
AUTHOR: admin