World Suicide Prevention Day.

MCE has actively supported the Black Dog Institute for the last 4 years and will continue to do so.

Research has shown acknowledging and talking about suicide may reduce suicide risk.

The facts are stark:

Leading cause of death

Suicide is the number 1 cause of death for people aged between 15 and 44 in Australia.

High rate of suicide attempts

For every death by suicide in Australia, it is estimated that there are 30 attempts made.

Importance for minority groups

It is known that Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islanders, and people in the LGBTQI+ community are more likely to die by suicide.


Some people may have suicidal thoughts when things are too hard and painful. If you feel like life is no longer worth living, it’s really important to seek immediate help. With help, you can overcome these thoughts and stay safe.

If you need support call one of the following numbers

If you don’t feel like you can call any of the above services, you can also:
  • talk to someone you trust
  • contact your GP, a counsellor, psychologist or psychiatrist
  • visit a hospital emergency department



Suicide prevention

Date: Sep 11, 2020
AUTHOR: Matthew Colton